General Information

Fair Hours

Spring Carnival - May

Tuesday         6:00 pm -  9:30  pm
Wednesday    6:00 pm -  9:30  pm
Thursday       6:00 pm -   10:30 pm
Friday            6:00 pm -  10:45 pm
Saturday        5:00 pm -  10:45 pm


As always... Entrance to the Fair is FREE!

Ticket Information

  • $15.00 armbands will be sold nightly for unlimited riding.
  • Family Pack of 24 tickets for $20.00 
  • Single tickets can be purchased for $1.00 each

Admission to the Spring Carnival and Fall Fair is free.

Lost and Found Items
All lost and found items can be found at the registration booth located at the main entrance to the fair grounds.

Medical Emergencies
Report all medical emergencies to the Registration Booth located at the main entrance to the fair.

Security is provided by deputies of the Burke County Sheriff’s Department and the Drexel Police Department. 
Traffic assistance is provided by Triple Community Fire Department.

Other Information

No alcoholic beverages, drugs, or firearms are allowed on the fairgrounds.
No pets are allowed on the fairgrounds.  Only trained dogs assisting the handicapped are allowed on the fairgrounds.

Fall Fair - August
Monday         6:00 pm -  9:30 pm
Tuesday         6:00 pm -  9:30 pm
Wednesday    6:00 pm -  9:30 pm
Thursday       6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Friday             6:00 pm - 10:45 pm
Saturday         5:00 pm - 10:45 pm

Meet The Staff

Board Directors Associate Members

President - Don Deal
Vice President/Barn Manager - 

Treasurer - Jerry Brown

Secretary/ Premium Chairman - Sue Price

Ticket Sales - Lowell Summey

Entertainment - Tom Ingersoll, Lowell Summey

Website Assistant - Tom Ingersoll

Advertising - Ronnie Fisher,

Concession Chairman - Sue Price, Jerry brown 

Drink Chairman - James Farris, Jerry Brown

Midway - Trae Price

Midway traffic - Rickey Rhoney

Jeramie Abernathy

Victoria Shuffler

Franklin Dale

Donita Deal

Jo Harris

Earl Lovelace

Calvin Morrison

Deb Powell

Donielle Rector

Mark Rector

Danny Ritchie

Christy Ingersoll

Kathy Dale

Mike Wilber

Joyce Wilber


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