This particular piece is built to make you feel like gravity has taken over. giving you the ultimate feeling the world is speeding past. It takes you in a circle with a speed of 25 mph.+ with lights flashing by you. tilting in different directions. This ride is not only fun but exhilarating to say the least.




This piece is a close comparison to a regular swing ride only big difference is it has a sway motion while extended in the air. loads of fun for kids of all ages.

Barrel Of Fun

The barrel is a fun exciting piece of equipment. It spins in a rotating motion when the people inside turn the wheel in the center. Giving you loads of fun for family and friends.

Thunder Bolt

the thunder bolt is a fast ride that goes in a circle rotation at speeds up to 35 mph with background music to bump to while your getting the thrill of a lifetime. its meant to go fast and the teens really love it.

Circus Train

This train is by far the most colorful piece we have. Some kids even say they want to ride the Dr. Seuss train. hoping it will give them the illusion they are going to Whoville. let your tike enjoy this ride with you. YES PARENTS you can ride too. As you explore the amazing ride around town.

Orient Express

This roller coaster is fast and fun giving kids and parents a thrill of excitement. this cute ride looks like something straight out of china town

Racing Cars

this ride looks like something straight out of NASCAR. Around and Around they go who's is going be the winner of this amazing race. IT'S A TIE. Every child enjoys this ride its fast, fun, and exciting.

Bumper Cars

This hot shot is the ride for all ages. you can never say you have never got in a bumper car. This brings uncontrollable laughter as you bump into mom and dad or sister and brother. you want to beat them in what ever imaginary race your running. This is the piece to have every body rides.


The scrambler is just what is says. its take you in a slinging fast motion giving you the impression its scrambling your brain.

The Slide

Who doesn't love to slide this is just what it says a GIANT slide you work your way from the bottom to the top. Once you get up top you sit down on a burlap sack and make your way down to the bottom this is a fun piece all the kids (including Adults) love this piece.

Car Combo & Motorcycle Jump

These fun kiddie rides are filled with cars, fire trucks, dune buggies, Motorcycles and more. Kids love this because they get to feel like they are actually driving and they get to be a big kid for 5 minutes

Eli Ferris Wheel

This wheel has such amazing history. The kids, Teens, and even Adults enjoy this wonderful piece. getting to go to the top and see everything from a birds eye view what better way to enjoy time with your family and friends.

Hawg Heaven

This is a Fun house for children of all ages they enjoy the ball pit and obstacle course they have to go through to get to the end which has a swirl slide to get back down to the bottom.

Kiddie Coaster

This fun ride for children give them a total thrill and excitement. They whip around curves going up and down. Of course while showing how much they love the ride with smiles on their face and tiny squeals of how happy they are. this ride was built for speed and fun so children get to feel like the big kids even for a moment.

Merry Go Round

This wonderful ride is filled with horses aplenty. Going Around in circles. Filled with laughter and smiles all around.


The astroliner is a space simulator. people enter inside as the doors shut behind you get prepared for an ultimate blast through space.


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